About BeyondRedaction

Based in Houston, TX, BeyondRedaction is an advanced redaction services company that leverages visual classification technology from BeyondRecognition to deliver fully automated redaction capability for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), privacy and privilege requirements.

BeyondRedaction is also a member of the BeyondRecognition Network of companies. These companies provide a core expertise in either a distinct functional area or in a specific industry market and have integrated BeyondRecognition’s visual classification technology into their service or product offering. BeyondRedaction has a core expertise in providing advanced redaction services with extensive experience in serving oil and gas industry and finance and banking industry clients.

About BeyondRecognition

BeyondRecognition (BR) is a technology company that enables data-driven information governance. 

BR’s visual classification technology enables data management, analysis and governance tasks. BR technology automates the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of data. It is unique in the fact that it supports data in any file structure, format or type.

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