BeyondRedaction is an advanced redaction services offering that leverages visual classification technology to deliver fully automated redaction capability for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), privacy and privilege requirements.

Three documented reasons why BeyondRedaction is the fastest,
most precise and most economical redaction service available:

Our Approach

A five-step approach enables clients to achieve appropriate, accurate and accelerated sensitive data redaction for FOIA, privacy and privilege requirements.

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Our Technology

Visual classification technology enables evaluation of  sensitive data and redaction with a precision and rate far exceeding traditional redaction approaches.

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Our Results

Documented performance in redacting data as part of ongoing information governance efforts or in specific FOIA, privilege and privacy events.

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Having a team of redaction technology and process experts with demonstrated expertise on the most challenging redaction problems means redaction projects that start on time, finish on schedule and on budget, and deliver consistent, absolutely defensible results. The key attributes of the BeyondRedaction approach to data redaction are accuracy, acceleration and appropriateness.

Nine immediate benefits of the BeyondRedaction approach to redaction:

    • Comprehensive – redacts text and image layers.

    • Precise – no adjoining content made unreadable.

    • Text-Independent Zonal Redaction – can redact zones within visual classifications to include handwriting.

    • Scalable – 700,000 redactions per hour per machine.

    • Flexible – works with any list of terms, patterns or strings of characters.

    • Seamless Process – can start with collection and go through production.

    • Defensible – accurate, complete logs of every redaction and reason for redaction.

    • Multiple Outputs – different production sets can have redactions or no redactions.

    • Integrated Production Functionality – can include page numbering, confidentiality labels, and legends.

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